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2014 Final Integrated Report: Water Quality

Report Update

The Division of Water Quality (DWQ) submitted the 2012-2014 Integrated Report to EPA for final approval on December 16, 2014. On January 20, 2015 EPA provided DWQ with several comments on the State’s proposed final 303(d) List for 2012-2014. During February and March, DWQ reviewed and responded to the discrepancies EPA found between their and DWQ’s 303(d) List. On March 27, 2015 DWQ re-submitted the 2012-2014 Report to EPA for final approval.

DWQ is pleased to announce that the Region 8 Environmental Protection Agency has officially approved the 2012-2014 Integrated Report. As EPA’s final approval letter indicates, this is a “partial approval/ further review pending” action, the details of which are discussed in the letter and attachment.

If you have additional questions, please contact James Harris: (801) 536-4360.

2012-2014 Final Approval Letters

Report Chapters

NOTE: The information below is the FINAL 2012/2104 IR.

Supplemental Information

Public Comment

List of individual comments received on the May 2012-2014 Draft Integrated Report public comment period from May 30th 2014 through July 14th 2014:

  1. 07012014 C. Purcell
  2. 07092014 J. Ratner
  3. 07102014 L. Meyers
  4. 07102014 L. Newell
  5. 07102014 T. Miller
  6. 07112014 D. Richards v 1.3
  7. 07112014 D. Richards v 1.4
  8. 07112014 K. Cannon
  9. 07142014 GSLBSC
  10. 07142014 H. Hoven
  11. 07142014 J. Salt
  12. 07142014 R. Hotze
  13. 07142014 S. Schlanger
  14. 07142014 S. Spence
  15. Chapter 4 Statewide Assessment Wetlands Richards Comments
  16. Chapter 4 Statewide Assessment Wetlands with Miller Comments
  17. State IR Wetlands Appendix 2 Richards Comments
  18. 08012014L.Newell | Appendix

List of individual comments received on the October 2012-2014 Draft Integrated Report public comment period from October 3, 2014 through October 20, 2014:

  1. 10202014 L. Newell | DWQ’s Response
  2. 10XX2014 J. Ratner | DWQ’s Response

Draft 2012-2014 Integrated Reports

If you would like to review Utah’s October and May Draft 2012-2014 Integrated Reports, please contact James Harris at or (801) 536-4360.


If you have questions about the Integrated Report please contact the following: