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2016 Integrated Report: Assessment Summary Reports and Data Files

NOTE: The information below is the supplemental information associated with the FINAL 2016 IR.

Assessment Summary Reports Descriptions

  • Summary Report Descriptions (442 KB)
    Information on the column headers found in the Parameter Assessment Summary Reports.
  • Data File Descriptions
    Unavailable at this time. If you have any quesitons, please contact Elise Hinman: (801) 536-4346.

Assessment Reports

Information on how all publicly submitted and non-AWQMS/ DWQ stored data was rated and used in the Final 2016 Integrated Report.

A flat file that summarizes all of the parameter assessment reports below. In this file users can see the assessment category assigned to a parameter at a single sampling location, the assessment category assigned to a monitoring location (when there are multiple parameters assessed at a location), and the assessment category assigned to an assessment unit (when there are multiple monitoring locations assessed within a single assessment unit).

Assessment Summary Reports and Data Files by Parameter (Excel)

The files below contain the data and summary report of Assessment results by parameter and beneficial use.

Raw Data Files

DWQ (text files)

2009 Field / Lab | 2010 Field / Lab | 2011 Field / Lab | 2012 Field /Lab | 2013 Field / Lab | 2014 Field / Lab

  • For E. coli please contact Calah Worthen
  • For Fish please contact Amy Dickey

DOGM (text files)

USGS (text files)

2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 |

Publicly Submitted

Please contact Elise Hinman (801) 536-4346 if you would like these.

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