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Andy Adams Reservoir Algal Bloom Monitoring 2020

Due to state budget cuts, the harmful algal bloom program is being funded by EPA through a one-time grant. This limits DWQ’s monitoring to 18 priority waterbodies in Utah.

Report a Bloom

24-Hour DEQ Environment Incidents Line: (801) 536-4123

Call Utah Poison Control Center

If you believe you or your pet have been exposed to a harmful algal bloom, call (800) 222-1222.

Update August 21, 2020

Davis County Health Department has issued a Warning Advisory for Andy Adams Reservoir due to observations of an increase in magnitude of a harmful algal bloom along the west side of the reservoir. Davis County Health Department is posting signs at access points along the reservoir.

Andy Adams reservoir water showing harmful algal blooms

Update August 19, 2020

Andy Adams Reservoir was sampled 8/13/2020 and had a concentration (62K cells/ml) of toxigenic cyanobacteria (Microcystis) which is below the recommended Warning advisory level (100K cells/ml). However, because elevated levels of toxigenic cyanobacteria have been quantified, we are highlighting this result as a Health Watch.

A Health Watch is not a formal recreational advisory, but rather an indicator that a bloom may exist or become more severe. Indicators can include visual reports, but in this case observations were quantified in a laboratory. Toxin results are pending.