Assessment Methods Updates: Draft Combined 2018/2020 Integrated Report

Method Updates

May 20, 2019

From November 7, 2018 to December 21, 2018, DWQ held a public comment period on the Draft 2018/2020 303(d) Assessment Methods. During that time period DWQ received comments from eight different individuals and groups for a combined total of approximately 215 comments. DWQ’s response to those public comments and the updated 303(d) Assessment Methods are available for review below.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the public comment process.

303(d) Assessment Methods

Public Comment Submission Instructions

Thank you for your interest in submitting comments for the Draft 2018/2020 303(d) Assessment Methods. Please carefully read the information below before submitting your comments (link at bottom of page) for UDWQ review. Note that electronic comments may only be submitted through the online public comment form.

Form Organization and Submission

Commenters must first provide their contact information before advancing to a Table of Contents overview. Commenters may navigate between sections and easily locate comment fields for sections of interest. Note that each section is often broken down into more specific sub-sections, each with its own comment field. Comment fields may be populated in any order. Commenters do not need to provide commentary in all fields of their submission. Please only populate fields within sections that correspond to the subject/nature of your comment(s).

Though the public comments web platform will save your progress if cookies are enabled, there is always a risk of losing your work in the online form. Consider writing your comments in a word processing program prior to submission.

Submissions are treated as public documents

All submissions are treated as public documents and will be published on UDWQ’s Water Quality Assessment webpage. However, only commenter name will be published with the submission.

Additional submission files must be described in the ‘Additional Comments’ section or referred to by file name in one or more comment fields.

Though we welcome additional submission files, including formal comment letters, commenters must clearly articulate the relevance of uploaded files to their comment form. File names should clearly represent file content. Please restrict file formats to .pdf, .doc/docx, .txt, .xls/xlsx, .ppt/pptx, .jpg, .png, and .tiff.

Additional comment field guidelines

The character limit for each form field is 6,650 characters (~ 1.5 pages single-spaced or 960 words). When referring to a web page, please provide the full URL in the comment field.

Tips for submitting effective comments

Effective comments are the basis for improving water quality assessments. Follow the links below for public comment guidelines.

Public Comment Questions

If you do not have internet access or have additional questions, contact Jodi Gardberg (801) 536-4372.