E. coli Monitoring in Utah’s Waters

Each recreation season from May through October, DWQ and cooperating agencies routinely monitor for E. coli around the state as part of many different water quality programs including, TMDL development, targeted watershed monitoring, recreational monitoring, and non-point source projects. Rivers and streams are sampled following a targeted rotating basin schedule.

Each year, DWQ works with local health departments to prioritize highly recreated water bodies across Utah. Ideal monitoring would involve collecting samples weekly at all locations throughout Utah, but monitoring resources are limited. Therefore, testing for potential E. coli contamination is focused on areas where people most frequently recreate.

Current monitoring plans include sampling at targeted waterbodies once a month from May through October. More frequent sampling may be required as specific waterbodies when the data suggests that E. coli densities are high.

2019 E. coli Monitoring Plan

The DWQ Statewide E. coli Monitoring Plan is a summary of surface water E. coli monitoring around the state and includes sampling plans from DWQ programs, as well as external cooperators.