NetDMR Network Discharge Monitoring Report:
UPDES Permits

NPDES permittees required to submit discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) may use NetDMR after requesting and receiving permission from their permitting authority. After the state or region has approved the facility’s request, the NetDMR tool enables permittees to complete their DMRs via a secure Internet connection.

NetDMR Training Schedules for Permittees & Providers

For Permittees

  • How to Create a New NetDMR Account in CDX (Fact Sheet)
  • Types of User Roles (Fact Sheet)
  • Overview of Roles in NetDMR and CDX (Video)
  • How to Request a Signatory Role (PDF/PPT)
  • How to add a NetDMR Program Service to your CDX Account (Video)
  • How to import DMRs (Video)
  • How to find DMRs Ready for Data Entry (Video)
  • How to correct Hard and Soft Errors in NetDMR (Video)
  • How to enter NODI (No Data Indicator) (Video)
  • How to enter DMR Data (Video)
  • Managing Access (Video)
  • How to Sign and Submit DMRs (Video)

General Information

  • Do changes made in ICIS automatically update in NetDMR?
  • If changes are made to limits in ICIS, when will they be reflected in NetDMR?
  • How can I trigger ESDF for multiple permits in NetDMR at the same time?
  • What is ICIS and how does it relate to NetDMR?
  • How do I manually trigger a Basic Permit Data Flow (BPDF)?
  • My permit is Active, but it does not exist in NetDMR
  • Users can’t login to NetDMR – how can Regulatory Authority help?
  • I can’t submit my DMR using Mozilla Firefox as my internet browser
  • Users who see ‘invalid user type’ error entering NetDMR
  • Does my Signatory role come with an edit role?
  • How to Delete “Pending” Electronic Subscriber Agreement Request
  • How to Import DMR’s


  • How can a permittee retrieve updated DMRs after limits are updated in ICIS by the RA?
  • What do I do if I mistakenly submitted a DMR for the wrong monitoring period?
  • How do I add my email to receive DMR submission emails?
  • My security answers are incorrect when I submit my DMR
  • What does ‘processed for signing’ mean after submitting DMR?
  • How to avoid Non-receipt notifications for Terminated Permits?
  • I received a NetDMR email “Action Required: Re-Sign and Submit the DMR”– what do these emails mean?
  • When I save or try to submit my DMR, NetDMR tells me I have Soft Errors. What is a Soft Error? What should I do?

If you receive these Errors

  • What is “Encountered Error 500”?
  • I submitted a DMR and received a Soft Error. How do I execute a correct DMR?
  • What does ‘Unable to authenticate user” error mean during sign and submit DMRs?
  • How do I clear my Web browser’s cache?


For more information, contact Andrea Kilbane ( (385) 501-9586.

Submit a support request to the NetDMR Support Portal, EPA or call EPA NetDMR support at (877) 227-8965 with any questions about NetDMR.