Strategic Monitoring Plan: Water Quality

Utah’s Strategic Monitoring Plan describes the implementation and monitoring design of the monitoring objectives and activities for the next 10 years. In the 2010 Strategic Monitoring plan, the monitoring activities are planned based on a three-tiered approach. The current Strategic Monitoring Plan will be available online soon. Monitoring activities correspond to all three tiers, as outlined below.

Tier 1: Probabilistic Monitoring and Assessment

Example Monitoring Efforts

Tier 2: Targeted Monitoring and Assessment

Example Monitoring Efforts

  • Uinta Basin Watershed Intensive Monitoring
  • Great Salt Lake and Great Salt Lake Wetland Monitoring
  • Total Daily Maximum Load Monitoring
  • E. coli Monitoring

Tier 3: Programmatic Monitoring and Assessment

Example Monitoring Efforts

  • Watershed Protection Section’s Special Project Monitoring
  • Surface Water Permitting and Compliance Monitoring
  • Groundwater and Groundwater Permit Compliance Monitoring
  • Underground Injection Control Program Monitoring
  • Nonpoint Source Monitoring
  • Mercury Fish Tissue Monitoring
  • Cooperative Monitoring/Utah Monitoring Council
  • Water Quality Standards Development Monitoring

Visit DWQ’s Databases and Information page to find data collected by the monitoring program.