Utah Lake: Lindon Beach
E. coli Monitoring 2019

Update July 9, 2019

The Lindon Beach beach advisory was lifted on July 9, 2019, since E. coli levels were well below the health advisory threshold over a period of more than four months.

While routine sampling on February 19, 2019, showed E. coli levels of 686 Most Probable Number (MPN) per 100 mL, subsequent sampling from March to July 2019 showed these levels were consistently well below the health advisory threshold.

Update July 3, 2018

A Division of Water Quality (DWQ) monitoring crew detected elevated levels of E. coli on Lindon Beach on July 3, 2018, during routine sampling. Samples collected showed E. coli levels of 526 MPN per 100 mL, which were above the health advisory threshold of >409 MPN per 100 mL. The beach was put under a health advisory by the Utah County Health Department.

A health advisory for E. coli can be lifted after four consecutive samples over two weeks come in below the advisory threshold.