Administrative Proceedings Decisions

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Air Quality Air Quality

Denison Mines (USA) Corporation and La Sal Mines, La Sal, Utah #14151

Emery Refining, L.L.C., Petroleum Processing Plant Project

Holly Refining and Marketing Company Heavy Crude Processing Project

Jack M. McIntyre Tax Credit Certification

Newfield New Crude Oil and Natural Production Tank Battery Ute Tribal 5-14-4-1W

Sevier Power Company Approval Order #DAQE-AN125290003-12

Tesoro Refining and Marketing Company Waxy Crude Processing Project

U.S. Magnesium, L.L.C., Notice of Violation #2015082701

U.S. Magnesium, L.L.C., Notice of Violation #2018122701

Drinking Water Drinking Water

Sandy City Water System #UTAH18028 Administrative Order #UTAH18028-2019-01-NOVAO

Pine Meadows PUD Water System #UTAH24049

Valle Del Padres Subdivision Water System #UTAH07061

Environmental Response and Remediation Environmental Response and Remediation

Top Stop #C-4 Corrective Action Plan Approval

Waste Management and Radiation Control Waste Management and Radiation Control

EnergySolutions, L.L.C., License No. UT2300478, Amendment #8

EnergySolutions, L.L.C., Notice of Violation #UGW14-04

Franklin Hill Regional Landfill Class I Solid Waste Landfill Permit #1402

Promontory Point Class I Landfill, Box Elder County, Permit No. 0202R1 – Permit Modification for Modification of Groundwater Monitoring Well System

Weber County C&D Class IVb Landfill Solid Waste Permit #0901

Weber County C&D Class VI Landfill Solid Waste Permit #1101

White Mesa Mill Radioactive Materials License #1900479

Water Quality Water Quality

Cardon Dairy Notice of Violation #109-07

Crescent Point U.S. Corporation – Application for Certification of the Surface Casing of the Deep Creek 7-27-4-2E Well as a Pollution Control Facility

Kennecott Utah Copper, L.L.C., UPDES Permit No. UT0000051

Red Leaf Southwest #1 Mine Ground Water Discharge Permit and Construction Permit Associated with Ground Water Discharge Permit No. UGW470002

Sunnyside Cogeneration Associates Ground Water Discharge Permit No. UGW070002

Sunnyside Cogeneration Associates Construction Permit SCA #2 Ash Landfill
(Related to Ground Water Discharge Permit No. UGW070002)

U.S. Oil Sands PR Springs Tar Sands Project Groundwater Discharge Permit-by-Rule

U.S. Oil Sands PR Spring, Mine Expansion and Groundwater Discharge Permit-by-Rule