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2021 DAQ Annual Report

The Annual Report is intended to provide an overview of Utah’s air quality, as well as the Division of Air Quality’s organization, activities, and progress throughout 2021.

Science for Solutions Research Grant – Request for Proposals FY 2023

The Utah Division of Air Quality (UDAQ) is seeking proposals for air quality research projects that help achieve UDAQ’s goals and priorities for the upcoming 2023 fiscal year (FY).

Clean Air Act 179B(b) Demonstration Northern Wasatch Front Ozone Nonattainment Area

The Utah Division of Air Quality has submitted to the EPA it’s International Transport Demonstration, also known as 179B(b), for the Northern Wasatch Front Ozone Nonattainment Area. A 179B(b) demonstration provides relief from a bump-up in nonattainment status if the state can prove that the area would have met the National Ambient Air Quality Standard but for the influence of pollution emanating from an international source. A successful 179B(b) demonstration would prevent the Northern Wasatch Front from being reclassified from marginal to moderate status in the upcoming Determination of Attainment by Attainment Date, which is expected in the next year.

UDAQ appreciates the engagement of all those that submitted comments during the public review phase. The final 179B(b) demonstration packet, including public comments, is now available to view. If there are any questions about 179B(b) please contact Ryan Bares (

Data Requirements Rule: 2020 SO2 Emissions Annual Report

Section 51.1205(b) of the Data Requirements Rule (DRR) for the 2010 1-Hour Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Primary National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) requires that, by July 1 of each year, air agencies submit to the EPA Regional Administrator a report that documents the annual SO2 emissions of each applicable source, beginning with the calendar year after the effective date of the area’s initial designation. As per §51.1205(b), this assessment will be posted on UDAQ’s website for a period of 30 days for public inspection.

R307-401. Permit: New and Modified Sources

Due to the OAR website having problems publishing the R307-401 rule, DAQ is posting the most updated version of the rule on the DAQ website. The rule was last updated and made effective September 3, 2020.

Five-Year Network Assessment

This document describes the Division of Air Quality 2020 ambient air monitoring network assessment. Download the assessment (5 MB)

2020 Point Source Emissions Inventory Reports

Point Source emissions inventory reports are due April 15th, 2021, please see the SLEIS homepage for more information.

Moderate Area Ozone State Implementation Plan (SIP) Development

All or parts of seven Utah counties are currently designated as Marginal nonattainment for the 2015 8-hour ozone standard. Based on recent monitoring data, the DAQ expects that the Northern Wasatch Front and Uinta Basin nonattainment areas may be bumped up to Moderate nonattainment in 2022. Learn more about the SIP process.

Oil and Gas Sources – Major CAERS update!

The Centralized Air Emissions Reporting System (CAERS) updates on February 3rd. Watch the tutorial and download the new CAERS User Manual here.

Am I in a Non-Attainment Area?

(06/26/2018)—An address and coordinate search tool that shows air quality non-attainment and maintenance areas in Utah.

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