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Small Business Environmental Assistance Program:
Air Quality Research Program

The Small Business Environmental Assistance Program helps small businesses with permitting assistance, emission calculations, technical issues, regulator interpretation, and pollution prevention techniques.

Small Business Technical Assistance

Technical Support

  • Emission Calculations
  • Pollution Prevention Techniques
  • Technical Issues
  • Understanding the Regulations and How They Relate to You

Onsite Consultations

US EPA Information

Other Clean Air Act Section 507 Programs

Ombudsman Services

Contact Eleanor Divver (edivver@utah.gov): (801) 536-0091

  • Business Association Liaison
  • Complaint Research and Resolution
  • Policy Awareness and Education

Compliance Advisory Panel (CAP)

Advises and monitors the program.

Other Assistance Centers



Eleanor Divver (edivver@utah.gov), Business Assistance Coordinator: (801) 536-0091

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