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Regional Haze 2019 SIP Revision

The UDAQ is making this DRAFT SIP Revision available to the public in an effort to ensure transparency. The official draft for public comment will be made available upon authorization of the Air Quality Board. We encourage the public to review and provide feedback on these intermediary products with the understanding that they are not yet final.

In this proposed SIP revision, Utah is using dispersion modeling and the two prong test prescribed by the Regional Haze rule in 40 CFR 51.308(e)(3) to demonstrate that the proposed alternative to BART (Best Available Retrofit Technology) does show greater progress than the most stringent NOx controls. The two prongs are:

  1. Visibility does not decline in any Class I area, and
  2. There is an overall improvement in visibility, determined by comparing the average differences between BART and the alternative over all affected Class I areas. The two-prong test is a simple, objective pass-fail test.

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