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Update on the Previously Proposed Exception Fee

The Division of Drinking Water (DDW) appreciates the written and verbal comments received during the September 2020 public comment period regarding the proposed exception fees. After careful consideration, DDW has decided not to pursue the implementation of the proposed exception fee at this time. Instead, we will work on developing a more comprehensive fee proposal that better balances the needs expressed during the comment period with the Division’s responsibility to safeguard Utah’s drinking water. We believe that by working more closely with our public drinking water system partners, we can come to a consensus on the best plan moving forward. Between now and the time to propose an alternative fee schedule in September 2021, DDW will focus on the following:

  • Creating a workgroup involving external stakeholders and partners to develop a comprehensive fee schedule.
  • Evaluating a variety of sustainable, balanced fee options, which may include a tiered multi-year phased fee implementation strategy.

Detailed summaries of the comments received and DDW responses to the comments are available here (275 KB). We want to thank you for your comments and participation in this process. If you are interested in participating in the workgroup to help develop a viable fee proposal, we invite you to contact Nathan Lunstad (385) 239-5974 for additional details.

Thank you for your partnership,

Ying-Ying Macauley
Interim Director
Utah Division of Drinking Water

Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

The Division of Drinking Water has begun the process of updating existing Rule R309-405 to align it with amendments the Legislature made to Utah Safe Drinking Water Act in 2020. Additionally, amendments will seek to provide clarity and transparency regarding the Division’s enforcement program. To that end, the proposed rule will include procedures that the director must follow when issuing notices of violation and administrative orders and the adjudication rights available to recipients of those actions.The proposed rule will enumerate the administrative penalty limits for violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act; drinking water rules; and orders, permits, or administrative authorizations issued by the Director. The proposed rule will also set forth the procedure that the Director must follow when proposing and assessing administrative penalties and the rights available to the recipient of a proposed penalty.

At the January 12, 2021 meeting of the Drinking Water Board, the Division plans to bring its recommended changes to the rule to the Board and ask them to propose them for an official public comment period.

Updates on the rulemaking will be made available here as they become available.

Highland Subdivision Water Quality Updates

The Division of Drinking Water is addressing reported issues with culinary water at The Highland Subdivision in Morgan County.

WebMap of Drinking Water Labs in Utah

The laboratories shown on this map may be able to perform the testing indicated.

Lead in School Drinking Water: Apply For Funding

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is encouraging schools and childcare facilities to apply for funds to test for lead in their drinking water after the agency received a $434,000 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant to cover the cost of
testing. Interested facilities should apply by March 31, 2020, for the best chance to receive grant money.

September Webinar: Sampling Basics with Reed Hendricks

Join us LIVE every month! Drinking Water presents a topic that is important to drinking water professionals every month. We invite speakers to present about their area of expertise. Watching these 30 minute videos can get you .05 CEUs if you fill out the corresponding form.

Significant Changes to Cross Connection Control Rules

(11/5/2018)–The Drinking Water Board has adopted changes effective January 1, 2019, to the Cross Connection Control rules for both water systems and certifications. These changes will have an impact on a water system’s Cross Connection Control program and requirements for Cross Connection Control certifications. Water systems and certified individuals should familiarize themselves with these changes.

Fee Changes

(11/26/2018)–Operator Certification and Cross Connection Certification fees changed, effective January 1, 2019.

Lead Sampling in Schools

In 2017, the EPA sent a letter recommending that schools test their drinking water for lead. The Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Utah Department of Health (DOH) are partnering with Utah schools to conduct voluntary sampling for lead in their drinking water.

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