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Operator Certification Commission and Rules

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R309-300. Certification Rules for Water Supply Operators


These certification rules are established to promote use of trained, experienced, and efficient personnel in charge of public waterworks and to establish standards whereby operating personnel can demonstrate competency to protect the public health through proficient operation of waterworks facilities.

Operator Certification Policies

Operator Certification Commission

The Operator Certification Commission consists of seven members, which includes higher education representatives, a treatment operator, a distribution operator, a service district representative, a metropolitan water district representative, and a rural water system representative. These seven people make decisions such as what topics you, as an operator, will be tested on; when the test will be issued; how the program will be managed; how the program will operate; and how your exam fees and renewal fees will be spent to support the Operator Certification Program.

This commission is also the body that will hear all operator appeals and will initiate any compliance activities for enforcement of the rules concerning certified operators. This commission also proposes rules, modifications, changes, and interpretation of the rules by which operators must abide. These rules, following the public hearing process, are actually adopted by the commission.

Operator Certification Commission Roster

Next Commission Meeting

All participants must sign in at the DEQ Information Desk in the main floor lobby. The information desk is located through the East Access Doors and straight ahead to the corner office. After signing in, you may access the Third Floor by stairs or elevator.

  • May 13, 2021, at 1:30 pm

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May 4, 2017


Dawnie Jacobo (DDWOpCert@utah.gov): (385) 272-5038

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