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Exceptions to Rule Requirements

Exceptions to Requirements of R309-500 through 550

The Director of the Division of Drinking Water may grant exceptions to the requirements of R309-500 through 550. A public water system unable to meet the design, construction, or operational requirements of these rules may request an exception if it can provide an alternative to the rule requirement and show that granting the exception will not jeopardize public health.

The procedure for requesting an exception is described in R309-105-6(2)(b) and is summarized below. To request an exception, prepare a letter that meets the following requirements (a Project Notification Form is not required).

  1. A written request, preferably on water system letterhead, from the management of the Public Water System to the Director of the Division of Drinking Water
  2. Cite the specific rule to which the exception is being requested
  3. Provide a detailed explanation of why the requirements of the rule cannot be met (include drawings if appropriate)
  4. Describe what will be done to meet the intent of the rule in place of meeting the requirements of the rule (include drawings if appropriate)
  5. Provide an alternative to the rule requirements and justification of how it will meet or exceed the public health requirements of the rule that cannot be met

Address the written exception request to the Director, Utah Division of Drinking Water, P.O. Box 144830, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4830. Submit the request electronically to ddwpnf@utah.gov or mail it to the director at the address provided.

Water/Sewer Separation Exception Requests

The division receives frequent requests for exceptions to the water/sewer separation requirements of R309-550-7. The division’s internal review checklist identifies information to include in such requests: Water/Sewer Separation – Plan Review and Exceptions (71 KB).

Individual Booster Pump Exception Requests

R309-105-9(3), R309-540-5(4)(c), and R309-550-11(3) prohibit the use of an individual booster pump at a service connected to a public water supply main. The following policy describes the information that a public water system must provide to the division when requesting an exception to the individual booster pump prohibition: Individual Booster Pumps – Exception Policy (269 KB).

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