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Cross Connection Control Program Administrator

The Cross Connection Control Program Administrator certification is for those individuals implementing a cross connection control program for their public drinking water system. This certification would also be valuable to those working for local health departments, doing sanitary surveys, and water system inspectors.

Become Certified

Aquire .6 CEU, submit renewal application and fee.

Step 1: Contact a course provider and enroll in a course

Step 2: Take 18 hour (minimum) course

Step 3: Take exam provided by DDW (Division of Drinking Water)

Results will be sent within one month of the exam. Certification applications provided at exam site.


Aquire .6 CEU, submit renewal application and fee.

Expiration Date

Your expiration date will always be 1 year after the day you passed your exam.

Renewal Cycle

You need .6 (6 hours) Backflow-specific CEUs every year to renew your certification.

Failure to Renew

You simply retake the exam if you fail to renew by your expiration date (see expiration date above).

Step 1: Accumulate .6 CEUs annually

Take 6 hours of training annually, and submit proof of attendance for each course.

Step 2: Submit application and fee annually, before your expiration date

If you see problems in Waterlink with your certification details, contact us.

Continuing Education (CEUs)

Resources for Program Administrators can be found on the Water System Tools page.

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