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Consumer and Public Notification: Lead and Copper Rule

Consumer Notification Requirements

Consumer Notification Form

Each time a lead and copper sample is taken the consumer must be notified of the results. This is accomplished by downloading the Consumer Notification Form, filling out the results portion, and delivering the results to the consumer. In the case of non-single family residence structure, such as a building, this requirement can be met by sending out an email or posting the results in a public space such as a bulletin board.

Certification of Notice Form

Once consumers have been notified of sampling results a Certificate of Notice Form must be submitted to the Division. Failure to submit the Certificate of Notice will result in 5 IPS points being added to the system’s IPS total. This form can be submitted via the online form below.

Public Notification Requirements

Public Notification is required in the event of a confirmed 90th percentile exceedance for the water system. Materials must be delivered within 60 days after the end of the monitoring period in which the exceedance occurred and be repeated quarterly until the system no longer exceeds the Action Level. This information must be distributed widely with particular emphasis on contacting at-risk populations such as schools, daycares, and early childhood development centers.

  • Public Notification Template (coming soon)

CCR Requirement

In the yearly Consumer Confidence Report every community system must report the total number of lead and copper samples taken, the most recent 90th percentile value for lead and copper, and the number of sampling site exceeding the action level.

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