Backflow 101

“Trained Staff” Credit

For those who need credit for cross connection control “trained staff”, you must take the quiz following the training segments below. A 70% score is required for the credit.

Backflow 101 is an introductory training for those seeking knowledge in Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention. This is basic training for those individuals who are developing a cross connection control program for their public drinking water system, water operators and office staff who play a support role, water consumers with an interest in protecting the public drinking water supplies as well. Please study the information in each of the training segments, and view the educational video. As this is basic training, we encourage the water system operators to continuously seek more in-depth training in the future.

Please contact Gary Rager( at (801) 536-4200 with any questions or assistance.

Principles & Theory

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Backflow Prevention Types

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Rules & Regulations

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Developing a Cross Connection
Control Program

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