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Sample Site Plan: Lead and Copper Rule

All community and non-transient non-community public water systems are required have and maintain an approved LCR Sample Site Plan. The Division has created an easy to use template that can be used and submitted through a waterlink portal account.

How to Create a LCR Sample Site Plan

Step 1: Create a portal account

Follow the instructions in the PDF document below, or watch the first part of our webinar about WaterLink for a detailed walk-through.

Step 2: Use the Sample Site Plan Template to develop a sampling plan

Watch the second half of our webinar about WaterLink for a walk-through of how to upload files into WaterLink. If you still need help, please contact us at (801) 536-4200.

Verification of Plumbing Materials

To identify sites that are at the highest risk for elevated lead and copper concentrations the construction and repair materials within your distribution system and the buildings connected to your system should be verified. 100% of tier 1 and 2 sites and 20% of tier 3 and representative sites must be verified in your sample site plan. Information on plumbing materials may come from the following sources:

Visual and physical inspection (preferred method) Plumbing codes Plumbing permits Distribution Maps and drawings Inspection and maintenance records

Meter installation records Permit files Existing water quality data Interviews with personnel and inspectors Community surveys

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