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    Fill out this form to submit a position. Once the information is confirmed and the request is approved, the position will be posted on the website, an email notification will be sent to those who subscribed, and an email notification will be sent to the operators in the area if requested.

    Operators’ contact information is protected and will not be shared.


    You can look up your system’s number on waterlink.utah.gov

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    An email is sent to those who subscribed once the position is posted on the website. You may request approval for the Division to send an email to the certified operators in the area (nearby counties).

    The Division would like to assist Utah’s water systems with obtaining a certified operator for their system. This page is a resource for both Water Systems and Operators to connect and fill open positions.

    Water Systems Hiring Certified Operators

    Park City Municipal Corporation

    Uintalands Association

    East Carbon City

    Park City Municipal Corporation

    Magna Water District

    Muirhouse Homeowners Association 

    • Water System Number:  Utah18183
    • Grade Level: Small System (SS)
    • Location: Taylorsville, UT
    • Contact: Suzette Thomas (suzette@csshoa.com)

    Centerville City

    St Elizabeth’s Catholic Church

    • Number: Utah21049
    • Location: Central Valley, UT
    • Grade Level: Small System
    • Contact: Chris Kravits (ckravitsgeo@gmail.com)

    Lakeview Water

    Salt Lake City Public Utilities

    Yonder Escalante

    Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake & Sandy

    Summit Water Distribution Company

    • Water System Number: Utah22059
    • Grade Level: Distribution Grade II (D2)
    • Contact: Summitwater@swdc.us

    Bountiful City Water System Department

    Washington City

    • Water System Number: Utah27021
    • Location: Washington, UT 84780
    • Grade Level: Distribution Grade IV (D4) and Treatment Grade IV (T4)
    • Contact: Washington City (435) 656-6315

    Old Meadows Ranchos

    • Water System Number: Utah11043
    • Grade Level: Small System
    • Contact: Jenny Schrimshaw (jschrimshaw@gmail.com)

    Quality Inn Bryce

    Pineview Homeowners Association

    Pinion Forest SSD

    • Water System Number: 07073
    • Grade Level: Distribution Grade I
    • Contact: Linda Northington, (435) 738-5527

    Yellow Pine Water Company

    More Opportunities

    Water Systems Looking to Hire a Certified Operator

    Active and proposed public drinking water systems may notify the Division when they are looking to hire a certified operator.

    If your water system is hiring a water operator,  use this form to submit your information to the Division of Drinking Water. Operators’ contact information is protected and will not be shared.


    Dawnie Jacobo (DDWOpCert@utah.gov): (385) 272-5038