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Cross Connection Control Teams

The Cross Connection Control teams are an opportunity for those involved in cross connection control and backflow prevention to become a part of the Utah Division of Drinking Waters Cross Connection Control program. Membership of the teams is open to those who are new to the program as well as the more advanced individuals, to work together in creating a program that benefits all. If you are interested in being on a team, or creating a new team, please contact Gary Rager(grager@utah.gov) at (801) 536-4200.

Website & Education Team

This advisory team is involved with promotion of the Cross Connection Control program. They assist in developing information and education for all involved in cross connection control and backflow prevention. These include web information, education, tools, and resources for water systems, backflow assembly testers, and program administrators.

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Rules & Policies Team

This advisory team is involved in reviewing the Utah Public Drinking water rules in regards to Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention, the Cross Connection Control Program of Utah guidance document, and Utah’s adopted plumbing code and its amendments. They make recommendations and assist in any decision making in regards to any changes that need to be made.

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Cross Connection Control Certification Team

This advisory team is involved in reviewing the certification courses “Need To Know” criteria and making reflecting changes as the cross connection and backflow industry progresses. They are also involved in reviewing, validating and updating the CCC Program Administrator exam question bank, as well as creating new exam questions.

List of Team Members

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