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Forms: Division of Drinking Water

Electronic Forms

Capacity Assessment

  • Capacity Assessment Worksheets (399 KB) Can be submitted online. Print out your form for your records before submitting online. Alternatively, this form can be mailed to our office or faxed to (801) 536-4211, Attn: Nagendra Dev.
  • Financial Information: PDF (22 KB) | XLS (49 KB)

See also Capacity Development Introduction.

Contact Nagendra Dev if you have questions.

Construction of Public Water Systems and Drinking Water Facilities – Plan Review

Application for a New Public Water System

Capacity Evaluation – Source and Storage

Hydraulic Modeling

Operating Permit

Plan Review Checklists

Plan Review – Other Documents

Seasonal Start-up

Source Development

Water Line Installation Standards

Water Hauling

Data Locations Submittal

  • Data Locations Form Can be submitted online by clicking the Submit Form button in Adobe Acrobat (Reader or Pro versions). Note: open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat directly.  Alternatively, this form can be mailed to our office or faxed to (801) 536-4200.

Contact Mark Jensen with questions.

Deficiency Reporting (Sanitary Survey)

Adobe Reader Users Fill out the form, select the “Submit by Email” button, and Email the xml file to (using the Wizard to create the xml file). Note: If you are using the Chrome browser, the Adobe Reader plug-in won’t work. Use Internet Explorer or open the PDF in Adobe Reader directly. Adobe Pro Users Fill out the form, save the PDF, then Email the PDF file to

See also Sanitary Survey.

Contact us at with questions.

Disinfection By-Products (DBP) Rule

The EPA has a Quick Reference Guide available for Stage 2.

Operator Certification

  • To Update Contact Info: For operators and water systems. If you have a new phone number, email address, or have recently moved, use this form to let us know how best to reach you. We require written notification of contact info changes. Reach us at (801) 536-4200 to get started.

Financial Assistance

See also Construction Assistance.

GRAMA Information Requests

See Records Request.

Groundwater (GW) Rule

Lead and Copper Sampling

Public Notification

See Public Notification Templates.

Source Protection

If you have an updated source protection plan to prepare, the following links for a template and for waiver forms to use to reapply for Use and Susceptibility Waivers are available:

Water Treatment Facilities (Operational Reports)

For complete treatment plants: