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  • Water Operator Certification Renewal Form

    Attention search engines: This page is not for pool certifications. This page is unrelated to swimming pools. Renewal Steps

  • CEU Opportunities

    Disclaimer These are not pre-approved and DDW does not control the content of these sites. All CEU’s are subject to approval to ensure that the training applies to waterworks operation and meets CEU criteria. It is the operator’s responsibility to identify applicable training, collect course documentation, and apply for credit. TO RECEIVE CREDIT: You will need…

  • Upcoming Live Online Trainings

    This page has been created to help operators continue to accrue their CEU’s during the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • CEU Portal for Training Providers and Water Systems

    A faster and easier way to submit CEU courses electronically. Enter operators individually or upload a CSV file. The CEU’s will be uploaded into the database immediately after approval instead of waiting for them to be entered by hand. Steps for Creating a Portal Account Steps for Submitting a Portal Course 1. Access Portal 2.…

  • Operator Certification: Utah Division of Drinking Water

    Public Water Systems may be required to have a certified Direct Responsible Charge Operator at a certain grade level depending on the system’s classification, population, and complexity. Certified operators help improve compliance with regulations, minimize public health concerns, and maximize the performance of the system. Water Operators protect water sources, monitor water usage, treat the…

  • Forms: Division of Drinking Water

    Find Drinking Water forms, applications, and checklists here.

  • Training: Division of Drinking Water

    Training CalendarFind training and relevant events near you. Provided by the Utah Water and Wastewater Training Coalition. Study MaterialsFind study guides, math formulas, presentations, and more to help you Become Certified. WaterLink HelpHow to use WaterLink. Videos and Screencasts Monthly WebinarsWebinars air live every last/second-to-last Monday of the month. Watch past webinars and find past CEU…

  • Study Help: Division of Drinking Water

    Prepare and study for the certification exam. The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions and a minimum of 70% is required to pass. The exam will cover these six categories: Choosing a Grade Level to Test For Some Public Water Systems may be required to have a certified operator at a certain grade level…

  • Responsibilities for Certification Renewal

    Your certification will be valid from the day you pass your exam and it will be due for renewal every 3 years on December 31st. Your certification’s 3-year period for CEU’s begins the following year on January 1st after you have passed the exam. Renewal Steps for Maintaining Your Certification Keep track of when your…

  • Continuing Education: Division of Drinking Water

    Check your CEU credits, submit CEUs for approval, and find online CEU courses.

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