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Responsibilities for Certification Renewal

Track Your Certification & CEU’s in WaterLink
Keep track of when your certification expires, see how many continuing education units (CEU’s) you have, and what courses are on file for your current renewal cycle.

You will need to keep up on your continuing education units (amount based on grade level) before renewing every 3 years.

Days left until 2020 certifications expire

Grade Level CEUs Required
SS, 1, 2 2 (20 hours)
3,4 3 (30 hours)

Visit our Continuing Education Units page to find courses and information on submitting CEUs for approval.

Renewal Cycle

Your 3 year renewal cycle begins the following year after you pass your exam, on January 1st.

Renewal Steps

  1. Meet the CEU Requirement
  2. Send a Renewal Application ( in the Payment Portal )
  3. Pay the renewal fee for each certificate ( in the Payment Portal )

Failure to Renew

If you fail to renew on time, the fee increases and you must apply for reinstatement and submit to the Operator Certification Commission for approval. Your next renewal cycle will begin as if you renewed on time. CEUs acquired after your certificate expired cannot count toward any future renewals.

Keep your information up-to-date

Update your contact information and employment information by emailing

Contact Info

Dawnie Jacobo
(801) 536-4217