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Utah’s Lead-Free Learning Initiative

Under new state law, all public and private schools in Utah are required to test all drinking water fixtures for lead. Testing must be completed by December 31, 2023. Samples taken from a consumable water tap for lead on or after January 1, 2016, will not need to be retaken.

All data will be posted on waterlink.

We have developed tools to support you in this process, and are committed to being a resource as we work towards our shared goal of lead-free learning.

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The drinking water in many Utah schools and childcare centers may be contaminated with lead, a toxin that causes serious, lifelong damage to children. The Division of Drinking Water is partnering with schools and childcare centers to test every tap and work towards our shared goal of lead-free learning.

Sampling Resources

Save time by filling out the School Fixture Inventory Form to receive pre-labeled sampling bottles and pre-filled sampling sheets.

Remediation Resources

This contract will allow DDW to reimburse for purchases associated with lead remediation.

Reimbursements are capped at $1,500 per refrigerated drinking fountain and ice machine and $300 per kitchen faucet and all other fixtures.Contracts must be signed by DDW and the school or child care center prior to any purchases or remediation work taking place. If you would like to sign a contract with DDW, you can start by downloading the template, filling out the highlighted portions, and sending it to DylanMartinez@utah.gov. Upon receipt of your populated copy, we will send it in E-sign for signatures for yours and ours.

After you have signed a Remediation Reimbursement Contract and done remediation work, you can apply for your reimbursement by filling out the Request for Reimbursement form below.

Parents, Schools, & Childcare Providers

Learn about reducing children’s exposure at home, school, or daycare.

About Lead

Learn about the health effects of being exposed to lead in drinking water.


For any questions please contact Program Manager, Dylan Martinez (dylanmartinez@utah.gov), (385) 278-3807 or Program Coordinator, Rebekah Brown (rebekahbrown@utah.gov), (385) 501-9128

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