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Water Operator Tools & Resources

Drinking Water’s database website is a very useful tool and provides a lot of value to water operators. Here are three main uses for operators:

  • Water system reports (bacT, inventory, IPS, water monitoring, system summary)
  • CEU report (Public section)
  • Water system’s operator list (Public section)

PlutoCalc App

A free problem solver suite for water treatment, wastewater, hydraulics, environmental chemistry and unit conversions.

Chlorine Dose Calculator for Tanks and Pipelines

This tool is for estimating chemical quantity needed to disinfect tanks and pipelines. This Chlorine Dose Calculator spreadsheet allows the users to enter concentration and type of chlorine disinfectant, target chlorine dose, and dimensions of tank or pipeline (up to 10 vessels).

Disinfection CT Calculator for Tanks and Pipelines

This tool is for estimating chlorine disinfection CT in tanks and pipelines. This Disinfection CT Calculator spreadsheet allows users to enter the residual concentration, flow condition, and dimensions of tanks or pipelines. This tool gives a rough estimate of disinfection CT. For detailed design, additional safety factors and other considerations may be needed.

EPA’s Knowledge Retention Spreadsheet Tool

Download this spreadsheet to consolidate system information, prepare new operators, and utilize for succession planning.

Math Formulas and Conversions

Common math formulas and conversions used for water system operation.

CCR iWriter

A tool that helps water systems write their own professional-looking Consumer Confidence Report.

Protecting Drinking Water Sources Toolkit

Enables water quality practitioners to better protect drinking water supplies.

Training Videos

Monthly webinars, reporting tutorials, and other Drinking Water training.


Dawnie Jacobo (DDWOpCert@utah.gov): (385) 272-5038

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