COVID-19: In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, The Utah Department of Environmental Quality is limiting person-to-person contact and will close our offices to the public starting on April 3. Please contact DEQ here to conduct business.

Small Business Environmental Assistance Program

DEQ is committed to working with Utah companies to ensure the ongoing protection of public health and the environment. DEQ’s Business Assistance Program (BizHelp) helps Utah companies protect the environment by providing strategies to use raw materials, energy, water, and other natural resources more efficiently while saving money, known as pollution prevention or P2.

DEQ promotes all types of pollution prevention but our current initiative looks at reducing the use of hazardous chemicals in the workplace. If your business uses hazardous chemicals and you’re looking for options to reduce or eliminate these chemicals please refer to P2 for Hazardous Chemicals and contact us for additional help or questions.

BizHelp provides Business Resources, such as fact sheets, Utah case studies, and links to more resources; Business Recognition including Clean Utah, that recognizes companies for implementing environmental improvement projects that go beyond regulatory requirements; Compliance Assistance, such as the Small Business Compliance Advisory Panel, and Permit Assistance, which includes Pre-design Meetings and Permit Wizard to introduce your new business to DEQ’s permitting process. DEQ’s Ombudsman receives and investigates complaints made by citizens regarding potential abuses of discretion or arbitrary or capricious acts of the agency.

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Eleanor Divver, Business Assistance Coordinator: (801) 536-0091