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Onsite Systems Professional Certification is required for any person who designs, inspects, or maintains underground wastewater disposal systems (defined in Utah Administrative Code R317-4R317-5 and R317-11) that are self-contained treatment and disposal systems such as septic systems or large underground disposal systems, or who conducts percolation tests or soil evaluations for underground wastewater disposal systems.

Wastewater Operator Certification is required for those individuals who operate municipal wastewater treatment and/or collection systems. Other individuals may become certified, but would be issued “restricted” certificates unless they meet all of the requirements as defined in the rules (UAC R317-10).

DWQ is required to verify the lawful presence in the United States of an individual at least 18 years of age (includes sole proprietor doing business under an assumed name) who has applied for Onsite Professional Certification, Wastewater Operator Certification, or who has applied for federal SRF funding. A Citizenship/Alien ID Certification Form (859 KB) is available that must be completed, notarized, and submitted to the DWQ along with a copy of photo identification.

Do you design, inspect or maintain underground waste disposal systems or perform percolation tests or soil evaluations for underground waste disposal systems?

YES: Visit Onsite Certification.

Do you operate a municipal wastewater treatment and/or collection system?

YES: Visit Utah Wastewater Operator Certification Program.

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