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Wastewater Exam Preparation Information and Suggestions:
Wastewater Operator Certification Program

Utah’s Wastewater Operator Certification Program uses standardized exams produced by Water Professionals International (WPI), formerly known as the Association of Boards of Certification (ABC). These exams are developed to evaluate relevant knowledge that wastewater operators “need to know” as compiled from surveys of actual operators working at facilities throughout the United States. Much of that knowledge is expected to be from actual work experience in collection and wastewater treatment.

More Information

More information about the exams, including links to need-to-know criteria, references (at the end of the need-to-know criteria), formula/conversion tables, and study guides, can be found on the WPI Website. WPI has some sample Exam questions available to give you an idea of question format.” This is for informational purposes only, and not a guarantee that the next exams will have the same questions.

Ongoing Training

Other organizations provide ongoing training at various locations throughout Utah. Contact these organization directly to receive more specific information about their classes. Some of those organizations are WEF, WEAU, RWAU, and other members of the Training Coalition. The online water and wastewater training calendar is available. This is constantly updated with new information and has links to the sponsoring organizations. Contact our office (wwopcert@utah.gov) if you need a printed copy sent to you, however it will only be accurate as of the day it is printed.

Some other sources of training materials include, but are not limited to:

Also, consider searching the Internet Using “wastewater operator training” as the criteria.

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