Explanation of Standard Industry Classification (SIC) Codes:
UPDES Permits

Sector Industry Type (Linked to Specific Sector Requirements) Comments SIC Code
A Timber Products Facilities
Ornamental Shrub and Tree Service
(346 KB)
24, Except 2434, 0783
B Paper and Allied Products Manufacturing Facilities (313 KB) c 26
C Chemical and Allied Products Manufacturing Facilities (347 KB) 281-287, 289, 3952
D Asphalt Paving, Roofing Materials, and Lubricant Manufacturing Facilities (322 KB) 2951, 2952, 2992, 2999
E Glass, Clay, Cement, Concrete, and Gypsum Product Manufacturing Facilities (369 KB) 3211, 3221, 3229, 3241, 3231, 3251, 3253, 3255, 3259, 3261-65, 3269, 3271-75, 3281, 3291, 3292, 3295, 3296, 3297, 3299
F Primary Metals Facilities (341 KB) 33
G Metal Mines (Ore Mining and Dressing) (343 KB) a 10
H Coal Mines and Coal Mine-Related Facilities (323 KB) a 12
I Oil or Gas Extraction Facilities (79 KB) 13, 2911
J Mineral Mining and Processing Facilities (323 KB) a 14
K Hazardous Waste Treatment Storage or Disposal Facilities 320 KB) Active Sites
L Landfills and Land Application Sites (324 KB) Active Sites
M Automobile Salvage Yards (325 KB) 5015
N Scrap Recycling and Waste Recycling Facilities (378 KB) 5093
O Steam Electric Power Generating Facilities (334 KB) Active Sites
P Motor Freight Transportation Facilities, Passenger Transportation Facilities, Petroleum Bulk Oil Stations and Terminals, the United States Postal Service, or Railroad Transportation Facilities (2 MB) b 40-43, 5171, 4221-4225
Q Vehicle Maintenance Areas and Equipment Cleaning Areas of Water Transportation Facilities (321 KB) b 44
R Ship or Boat Building and Repair Yards (114 KB) 373
S Vehicle Maintenance Areas, Equipment Cleaning Areas or Airport Deicing Operations located at Air Transportation Facilities (302 KB) b 45
T Wastewater Treatment Works (279 KB) d 1.0 MGD or More
U Food and Kindred Products Facilities (324 KB) 20, 21
V Textile Mills, Apparel and other Fabric Product Manufacturing Facilities 281 KB) 22, 23, 31 Except 3111
W Furniture and Fixture Manufacturing Facilities (295 KB) 2434, 251-254, 259
X Printing and Publishing Facilities (278 KB) 2711-2732, 2741, 2752, 2754, 2759,2761-2791, 2796
Y Rubber and Miscellaneous Plastic Product Manufacturing Facilities (309 KB) 30, 39
Z Leather Tanning and Finishing Facilities (288 KB) 3111
AA Facilities That Manufacture Metal Products including Jewelry, Silverware and Plated Ware (319 KB) 34, 391
AB Facilities That Manufacture Transportation Equipment, Industrial or Commercial Machinery (173 KB) 35 Except 357; 37 Except 373
AC Facilities That Manufacture Electronic and Electrical Equipment and Components, Photographic and Optical Goods (106 KB) 36, 38, 357
AD Non-Classified Facilities (290 KB) Others as Designated


  1. For this SIC Code, a storm water permit is required only if runoff contacts overburden, raw material, intermediate products, finished products, byproducts or waste products located on the site of such operations.
  2. In this SIC code, only facilities with vehicle maintenance (including vehicle rehabilitation, mechanical repairs, painting, fueling, and lubrication), equipment cleaning, or airport deicing need a storm water permit.
  3. Includes facilities engaged in grading, grinding, and milling of botanicals.
  4. Permitted facilities are those that are designed with discharges greater than 1.0 MGD.
  5. If an industry is not classified in this table, the Division Director may still designate the facility for permitting based upon water quality impacts. In this case they would be permitted under Sector AD.