General Construction (Storm Water):
UPDES Permits

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Use NeT CGP, the online system to acquire permit coverage (NOI), Low Erosivity Waiver (LEW), to termination your permit (NOT) and/or to renew or make changes to existing permits.

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Construction General Permit

  • The Construction General Permits must be renewed annually. The fee for the general permits is $150/year.

Permit Coverage

Erosivity Waiver Certification

The Erosivity Waiver Certification is active from the project start date to the project end date as indicated on the application. The fee for the Erosivity Waiver is $100 for each qualifying project.

This waiver from the Storm Water Permit requirements is for “small construction activity” which is defined as construction activity that is one acre or greater but less than five acres with an “R” factor of less than 5. The “R” factor refers to the second revision of the universal soil loss equation (commonly called RUSLE 2). RUSLE 2 is a predictor of potential rainfall that could take place during the time of construction.

Construction Dewatering or Hydrostatic Testing UTG070000


  • Change of NOI General Contractor: DOC
  • Erosivity Waiver Certification: DOC | PDF
  • Notice of Intent: DOC | PDF
  • Notice of Termination: DOC | PDF
    An owner or operator may submit a Notice of Termination (NOT) form at the end of the construction activity.
  • Owner Transfer Form: DOC
  • Operator Self-Inspection Form Template: XLS
  • Oversight Construction Inspection Form: XLS | PDF
  • Oversight Construction Notice of Termination Inspection Form: XLS | PDF

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