Wastewater Treatment Facilities:
Operating Permits

Listed below are the systems covered by operating permits for wastewater treatment facilities. They may be classified as “non-discharging” or “total containment” lagoons (NDL), subsurface disposal/rapid infiltration basins(RIBs), land disposal(LD), or individual operating permits, and the permits are available in PDF format.

Blanding CityGeneral NDLUTOP00132

System Name Permit Type Permit Number
Town of Altamont General NDL UTOP00101
Ash Creek Special Service District General LD UTOP00201
City of Aurora General NDL UTOP00102
Bear Lake Special Service District General NDL UTOP00103
Beaver City General NDL UTOP00104
Canyon Land Improvement District General RIB UTOP00301
Castle Valley Special Service District—Clawson General NDL UTOP00105
Castle Valley Special Service District—Cleveland General NDL UTOP00106
Castle Valley Special Service District—Elmo General NDL UTOP00107
Castle Valley Special Service District—Emery General NDL UTOP00108
Centerfield City General NDL UTOP00109
Cottonwood Wash & Dry and Recapture Lodge Individual UTOP9001
Daggett County—Dutch John General RIB UTOP00302
Delta City General NDL UTOP00110
Eagle Mountain City General RIB UTOP9003 (3 MB)
East Carbon City—Columbia General NDL UTOP00111
East Carbon City—Sunnyside General NDL UTOP00112
East Zion Special Service District General NDL UTOP00113
Emigration Improvement District General RIB UTOP00303
Emery Valley Sewer, LLC General LD UTOP9004 (783 KB)
Ephraim City General NDL UTOP00114
Escalante City General NDL UTOP00115
Flying J—Snowville General RIB UTOP00304
Fillmore City General NDL UTOP00116
Francis Town General LD UTOP00202
Fountain Green City General NDL UTOP00117
Gunnison City General NDL UTOP00118
Hanksville Special Service District General NDL UTOP00119
Heber Valley LDS Camp General RIB UTOP00308
Heber Valley Special Service District General LD UTOP9002 (1 MB)
Hildale City General NDL UTOP00120
Hinckley Town General NDL UTOP00121
City of Kanab General NDL UTOP00122
Long Valley SID General NDL Pending
Town of Manila General NDL UTOP00123
Manti City General NDL UTOP00124
Mexican Hat Special Service District General NDL UTOP00125
City of Milford General NDL UTOP00126
Minersville Town General NDL UTOP00127
Mt. Pleasant City General NDL UTOP00128
Myton City General NDL UTOP00129
Nephi City General NDL UTOP00130
North Fork Special Service District General RIB UTOP00305
Panguitch City General NDL UTOP00131
Parowan City General LD UTOP00206
Polidori Corporation—Panguitch Lake RV Resort General RIB UTOP00306
Redmond Town General NDL UTOP00133
Richfield City General NDL UTOP00134
Roosevelt City General LD UTOP00204
Salina City General NDL UTOP00135
Santaquin City General LD UTOP00205
Ski Lake Special Service District General NDL Pending
Strawberry Lakeview Special Service District General NDL UTOP00136
Town of Tabiona General NDL UTOP00137
Ticaboo Special Service District General NDL UTOP00138
Town of Tropic General NDL UTOP00139
City of Wendover General NDL UTOP00140
White Hills Special Service District General NDL UTOP00141
Wolf Creek Special Service District General RIB UTOP00307