Utah Nonpoint Source Management Program

Utah’s Nonpoint Source (NPS) Management program is focused on improving the water quality of impaired waterbodies through a voluntary and incentive-based approach. The Utah Division of Water Quality (DWQ) provides state and federal funding to reduce NPS pollution in priority watersheds throughout the state. These projects use Best Management Practices (BMPs) and follow the watershed-based planning strategy detailed in the Statewide NPS Management Plan and appendices.

Help us identify watershed improvement project needs

DWQ is asking for stakeholder help in identifying the most pressing nonpoint source clean water needs throughout Utah, to inform federal clean water act funding.

Past Annual Reports

Utah Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Program Annual Report:

Water Quality Task Force

The Water Quality Task Force is made up of representatives from State, Federal, and private agencies and organizations. The Task Force meets quarterly to discuss water quality issues and determine how they should be addressed. A charter describing the responsibilities and expectations of the Task Force has been established and is found in the appendices of the Statewide NPS Management Plan.

Other Relevant NPS Topics

Utah Watershed Coordinating Council


If you have questions, contact Paul Burnett (pcburnett@utah.gov) (385) 262-1915.

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