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Onsite Wastewater Program

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Any individual wishing to hold an Onsite Professional certification in the state of Utah must apply to the Division of Water Quality.

  • If you do not have a current Onsite Professional certification for that particular level, you will need to meet the requirements for “Original Certification.”
  • If your certification has not expired, you will need to meet the “Renewal” requirements.
  • All certifications require the individual to be a legal resident of the United States as demonstrated by completion of the Citizenship Certification.

Utah Department of Environmental Quality Certification Pursuant to UCA 63G-12-104 (required for all “individuals” receiving a benefit from the State as of July 1, 2009)

Original Certification

Certification requires attendance at the required certification class(es) offered by the On-site Wastewater Training Center and passing the relevant exam(s).

Renewal (Re-certification)

A current certificate number is required in order to sign up for the re-certification classes. Application forms for the certificate will be included in the packet from the class or below.

Certification Fee Payments

Certification fees may be paid by cash, check, money order, or on-line using the Water Quality Marketplace. On-line payments CANNOT be processed without a corresponding application, so the application form must also be submitted and include the “Order Number” when an on-line payment is used.

For additional information on certification of professionals, call (385) 600-9401 or email wwopcert@utah.gov. For all other questions related to designs, plans, or financial assistance, please contact Ken Hoffman (kenhoffman@utah.gov), (801) 536-4313.

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