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Permit Application Fees:
Utah Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program

The Utah Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program for Class I, III, IV, and V injection wells requires permit application fees for certain subclasses of injection wells. These permit application fees were approved by the Utah legislature during the 2011 general legislative session. The permit application fee covers the time UIC staff spend in assisting the permit applicant in preparing an adequate application, conducting a completeness review of the application, preparing a draft permit for public comment, responding to public comments, and issuing the final permit.

Class I Permit Application Fees

  • Class I Hazardous Injection Well—$25,000 per Well
  • Class I Non-Hazardous Injection Well—$9,000 per Well

Class III Permit Application Fees

  • Class III Solution Mining Wells—$7,200 per Project

Class V Permit Application Fees

  • Class V Aquifer Storage and Recovery—$5,400 per Project

Payment of UIC Permit Application Fees

Upon receipt of permit applications for these types of injection wells, DWQ will prepare an invoice for the permit application fee. A review of the permit application will begin once the permit application fee is paid.

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