Water Quality Open Public Notices

Public comment is a prerequisite to challenging permitting decisions. Under Utah Code Ann., Section 19-1-301.5 (effective May 8, 2012), a person who wishes to challenge a Permit Order may only raise an issue or argument during an adjudicatory proceeding that was raised during the public comment period and was supported with sufficient information or documentation to enable the Director to fully consider the substance and significance of the issue.

See public participation opportunities for activities conducted by the Division of Water Quality below.

401 Water Quality Certification

Ogden City Corporation

        Construction Permits


        Corrective Action


        Delegated Pretreatment Programs


        Enforcement Actions

        Clearfield Junction Apartments: Enforcement Action for UPDES Construction General Permit UTRC00000

        • Public Notice (341 KB)
        • Close of Comments: February 26, 2020
        • Public Hearing: None
        • Contact (Email): Carl Adams
        • Type: Enforcement Action

        Pitman Family Farms

        Basin Western Inc.

        Financial Assistance Program


        General Water Quality

        Utah Updated 2020 HAB Guidance

        Groundwater Aquifer Classification


        Groundwater Permits

        Schreiber Foods—Ground Water Discharge Permit No.UGW050004

        Operating Permits


        Rule Making

        See Proposed Rulemaking Actions

        Proposed Amendments to Definitions, R317.1 and Standards of Quality for Waters of the State, R317.2

        • Public Notice (103 KB)
        • Close of Comments: May 3, 2019
        • Public Hearing: May 1, 2019, 6:00 pm
        Department of Environmental Quality
        Board Room 2019
        195 North 1950 West
        Salt Lake City, UT
        • Contact (E-mail): Chis Bittner
        • Type: General Water Quality

        Utah Lake Science Panel

        Utah Lake Water Quality Study

        Utah Lake Steering Committee

        TMDLs (Total Maximum Daily Load)


        Underground Injection Control Permits


        UPDES Discharge Permits
        (Utah Pollutant Discharge Elimination System)

        Chevron Pipe Line Company

        Payson City Wastewater Treatment Plant

        Garland City Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

                    Water Quality Assessment

                    Integrated Report