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General Multi-Sector Industrial Storm Water Permit:
UPDES Permits

Industrial facilities such as manufacturing facilities, mining operations, landfills, steam electric plants, automotive recyclers, waste and metal recycling, larger wastewater treatment plants, and transportation facilities are typically required to obtain coverage under the Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) for Storm Water Discharges Associated with Industrial Activities. Coverage is usually based on the facility’s Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code or activities on site. A list of SIC codes that require coverage is provided in the Appendix I table below. Those who require coverage but do not have any materials or activities exposed to storm water may qualify for an exemption by filing a No Exposure Certification.

Permit Coverage

Apply for New Permits/Access to Existing Permits

    Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

    • General SWPPP Template (135 KB)
      Use the SWPPP template to comply with UPDES general permit requirements.
      NOTE: this is just a basic template. refer to the general permit (MSGP (506 KB) and your specific requirements under appendix I for your industrial sector. This SWPPP is not complete until you include requirements for your industrial sector.
    • General SWPPP Worksheet (19 KB)
      Use the SWPPP Worksheet to compile a list of potential pollutant sources, pollutants, BMPs, and site inspections.

    Best Management Practices (BMPs)

    Monitoring and Reporting Requirements

    Program Contacts

    Industrial Storm Water

    Carl Adams (801) 536-4330


    Jeanne Riley (801) 536-4369

    Construction Storm Water

    Ryan Curtin (801) 536-4368

    Storm Water Specialist

    Lisa Stevens (385) 552-1478

    Storm Water Inspectors

    Kelsee York (385) 260-2760

    Storm Water Database (801) 536-4300