Certification Exams:
Wastewater Operator Certification Program

Exams are offered at various locations throughout the state. Relevant locations are listed on the details page for each date. Exam application is SEPARATE from the RWAU Conference or any Wastewater Operator Training Seminar registration.

*Note: The UVU (formerly UVSC) Seminar program was discontinued February 11, 2008. Training sponsored by other organizations is available and may be listed on the online training calendar for water and wastewater operators.

The following maps and lists will require a PDF Reader. See the link at the bottom of the page.

Details and Application Deadlines

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Beginning July 1, 2021, the application fee is $100 per exam and ALL applicants must have a notarized Citizen / Alien Identification Certification form with a copy of photo ID (see Application page) on file with the Division.


These individuals have been confirmed as of the date on the report. Please verify that the exam listed is the one you expect to take. If you have any questions, Email or phone (801) 536-4344 immediately .

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Locations, Addresses, Directions, Maps

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Please Note: A photo ID is required for admittance. You will need to bring two sharp #2 pencils, good eraser, and non-programmable calculator. Cell phones may NOT be used as calculators during the exam session. No cell phones, textbooks, notes, or any other materials are permitted in the testing room—scratch paper, answer sheets, formula sheets, etc. will be provided. Time allotted for the exam is three (3) hours, in compliance with ABC’s testing recommendations.

Each wastewater exam is composed of 100 multiple-choice questions covering the Need-to-Know Criteria as itemized on ABC’s Website. The current version of the wastewater treatment and collection exams has 110 questions, but only 100 pre-selected questions will be scored. The additional ten questions are interspersed and being pre-tested for future incorporation. All questions should be answered as if they were being scored, since no one knows which are the “real” questions. For more information on content of exams, see the exam preparation information.

We are charged for every exam ordered and/or corrected. Therefore, if you cannot attend, your exam fee cannot be refunded nor credited for the next exam if it is canceled after the application deadline. However, if someone can be found to take your place, you will be refunded the exam fee. Please call if you cannot attend the test.

Exam results will be mailed to the address on file 4-6 weeks following each exam. The post office is not allowed to forward correspondence from us—it will be returned. Please call (801) 536-4344 if you have not received your scores after that time, or to notify us of an address change.