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Nutrients in Utah’s Waters

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  • EPA Promulgation of Nutrient Criteria in Florida
    This Website contains information surrounding EPA’s promulgation of numeric nutrient criteria in Florida. The background material, FAQs, etc. associated with this effort provides good insight into several of the technical and legal issues surrounding the development and implementation of nutrient reduction programs.
  • EPA Workshop on Bringing Stakeholders Together to Address Nutrient Problems
    This Website contains a report that summarizes recommendations and concerns raised by a diverse group of stakeholders from throughout EPA Region 8. The report provides good insight into the diverse range of questions and concerns that surround these issues. Also, the report contains several recommendations on how groups can come together to address this water quality problem.
  • Nutrient Scientific Technical Exchange Partnership and Support (N-STEPS)
    This is a Website that is hosted by TetraTech that provides a good amount of background material surrounding the development and implementation of nutrient criteria. The site is somewhat dated, but still contains useful background information including a searchable bibliography (through 2007) and links to several analytical methods.
  • Water Quality Criteria for Nitrogen and Phosphorus Pollution
    This is EPA’s central location of information regarding their nutrient-related programs.


EPA, State, and NGO Correspondence

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Guidance Documents and Background Materials

Updates from States on Numeric Nutrient Criteria Development

Nutrient Criteria: Society of Freshwater Science: Special Session

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