Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4s) Permits:
UPDES Permits


  • Annual Report Form
    The MS4 Annual Report Form has been developed by EPA to obtain various MS4 program data. If you find you need additional space for your responses, please use Section 10, Additional Information.
  • Construction Storm Water Inspection Form (Checklist) (06/2015)
    The Division of Water Quality has developed a Construction Storm Water Inspection Form in coordination with the USWAC organization. This inspection form (checklist) will be used by DWQ and municipalities for inspection of construction projects throughout the State.
  • Notice of Intent
    An NOI should be submitted to the DWQ for coverage under the UPDES permit program.


Fact Sheets

NeTCGP Help Files (MS4 Authority Role)


Municipal Storm Water

Leanna Littler-Woolf ( (801) 536-4397


Jeanne Riley ( (801) 536-4369

Construction Storm Water

Kelsee York ( (385) 260-2760

Industrial Storm Water

Carl Adams ( (801) 536-4330

Storm Water Inspectors

Kelsee York ( (385) 260-2760

Storm Water Database (801) 536-4300