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Utah Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program


The following documents pertain primarily to deep injection wells (Class I and III).

Class I

Class III

Class IV

Class V


Industrial Well—5A

Carwashes—5A1 and 5A2


Cooling Water—5A18 and 5A19

Food Processing—5A20

Drinking Water Treatment Residuals—5A23

Beneficial Use Wells—5B

Aquifer Recharge (5B1) and Aquifer Storage and Recovery (5B4) Wells

Saline Water Intrusion Barrier Wells—5B2

Subsidence Control Wells—5B3

Subsurface Environmental Remediation Wells—5B6

Fluid Return Wells—5C

Spent-Brine Return Flow Wells—5C1

Heat Pump / Air Conditioning Return Flow Wells—5C2

Geothermal Direct Heat Fluid Return Wells—5C3

Geothermal Electric Power Generation Fluid Return Wells—5C4

Ground Water Aquaculture Return Flow Wells—5C5

Sewage Treatment Effluent Wells—5D

Large Capacity Cesspools—5E

Large Capacity Septic Systems—5F

General Information About Septic Systems

Experimental Technology Wells—5G

Drainage Wells—5H

Storm Water Drainage Wells—5H1

Following are links to other state stormwater manuals that discuss best management practices (BMPs) for stormwater injection wells:

Agricultural Drainage Wells—5H2

Special Drainage Wells—5H3

Mine Backfill and Drainage Wells—5I

Mining, Sand or Other Backfill Wells

Waste Discharge Wells—5J

Motor Vehicle Waste Disposal Wells—5K

In Situ and Solution Mining Wells—5L

Solution Mining Wells—5L1

In-Situ Fossil Fuel Recovery Wells—5L2

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