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Current Permits:
Utah Ground Water Quality Protection Program

Typical Routes of Ground Water Contamination

Ground Water Discharge Permits (Current)

PermitteePermitted Facility/OperationPermit No.Statement of BasisManager
Advanced Clean Energy Storage I, LLC (ACES I)Brine Pond 4UGW450013
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SOBDan Hall (dhall@utah.gov)
American Pacific Corporation (AMPAC)Wastewater pondUGW210002SOBWoodrow Campbell (wwcampbell@utah.gov)
Barrick Resources (USA) Inc.Tailings impoundmentUGW450002 SOBJeff Kolmel (jkolmel@utah.gov)
Black Iron, LLCTailings impoundmentUGW210011SOBDavid Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
Blue Mountain BioGas LLCAnaerobic digestersUGW010013
Appendix A
SOBJeff Kolmel (jkolmel@utah.gov)
City of Provo Public WorksASRUGW490010SOBDanielle Lenz (dlenz@utah.gov)
Danish Flats – Oilfield Water LogisticsEvaporation PondsUGW190002
Appendix A
SOBWoody Campbell (wwcampbell@utah.gov)
Deep Creek DairyWastewater LagoonUGW230002 SOBDavid Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
Delta Milk CompanyWastewater LagoonUGW270006 SOBDavid Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
Desert Hawk Gold CorporationKiewit Mill Cyanide Heap Leach Gold ProjectUGW450011 SOB Woody Campbell (wwcampbell@utah.gov)
Dugway Proving GroundsWastewater LagoonUGW450007SOBSarah Leavitt
Dutch Cowboy DairyWastewater LagoonUGW210006 SOB Danielle Lenz (dlenz@utah.gov)
Elberta Valley Ag Wastewater LagoonWastewater lagoonUGW490005SOBDavid Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
Energy Fuels Resources Energy Queen MineMine Water Evaporation PondUGW370007SOBSarah Leavitt
High Line Dairy (Bliss)Wastewater LagoonUGW270007SOBDavid Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
Holt DairyWastewater LagoonsUGW210010SOBWoody Campbell (wwcampbell@utah.gov)
Intermountain Power Service CorporationWastewater PondsUGW270004SOBJeff Kolmel (jkolmel@utah.gov)
Kennecott Utah Copper LLCTailings ImpoundmentUGW350011SOBDavid Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
Kennecott Utah Copper LLCBarney’s Canyon Cyanide Heap LeachUGW350001SOBDavid Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
Kennecott Utah Copper LLCLarge and Small ReservoirsUGW350006
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SOBDavid Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
Kennecott Utah Copper LLC SmelterSmelterUGW350008
SOBDavid Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
Kennecott Utah Copper LLCLeach Collection SystemUGW350010
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SOBDavid Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
Kennecott Utah Copper LLCMagna ReservoirUGW350015SOBDavid Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
Kennecott Utah Copper LLCCopperton ConcentratorUGW350017SOBDavid Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
Lisbon Valley Copper (Summo)Heap LeachUGW370005SOBDan Hall (dhall@utah.gov)
Lost Creek Hogs, LLCDalton Farms Wastewater LagoonUGW170004 SOB Jeff Kolmel (jkolmel@utah.gov)
Magnum Gas Storage, LLCBrine Pond 3UGW270010 SOB David Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
Materion Natural Resources (Brush Resources)Wastewater LagoonsUGW270001SOBJeff Kolmel (jkolmel@utah.gov)
Morgan Ranches DairyWastewater pondUGW310001 SOBDavid Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
Olsen Neihart LandfillTailings DisposalUGW510004 SOBJeff Kolmel (jkolmel@utah.gov)
PacifiCorp Currant Creek Power ProjectEvaporation PondUGW230003SOBDavid Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
PacifiCorp Hunter Power PlantWastewater Ponds and Land ApplicationUGW150001
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SOBJeff Kolmel (jkolmel@utah.gov)
PacifiCorp Huntington Power PlantWastewater ponds & land applicationUGW150002 SOBJeff Kolmel (jkolmel@utah.gov)
Pitman FarmsMoroni Wastewater Treatment PlantUGW390005 SOBJeff Kolmel (jkolmel@utah.gov)
Red Leaf Resources Oil Shale MineOil Shale MineUGW470002SOBDavid Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
Salt Lake City Department of AirportsDeicing Operations PondUGW350005 SOB Sarah Leavitt
Sawtooth NGL Caverns LLCBrine Evaporation PondsUGW270008
Appendix A
SOBDavid Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
Schreiber Foods, Inc.Land ApplicationUGW050004SOBDavid Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
Simplot PhosphatesTailings ImpoundmentUGW470001SOBWoody Campbell (wwcampbell@utah.gov)
Smithfield Hog Production DivisionWastewater LagoonsUGW010002SOBJeff Kolmel (jkolmel@utah.gov)
Smithfield Hog Production DivisionWastewater LagoonsUGW010012SOBJeff Kolmel (jkolmel@utah.gov)
Smithfield Hog Production DivisionWastewater LagoonsUGW010008SOBJeff Kolmel (jkolmel@utah.gov)
Smithfield Hog Production DivisionWastewater LagoonsUGW210005SOBJeff Kolmel (jkolmel@utah.gov)
Smithfield Hog Production DivisionChristensen Farms Wastewater LagoonUGW270011SOBJeff Kolmel (jkolmel@utah.gov)
Smithfield Hog Production DivisionWastewater LagoonsUGW010016SOBJeff Kolmel (jkolmel@utah.gov)
Sunnyside Cogeneration Associates# 1 Ash Landfill

# 2Ash Landfill

UGW070002 SOBJeff Kolmel (jkolmel@utah.gov)
Tamra Mining Company, LLC (Tamra)Tailings ImpoundmentUGW010014 SOBWoody Campbell (wwcampbell@utah.gov)
The Oil Mining Company, Inc.Oil Shale MineUGW470003
Appendix A
SOBDavid Jamison (djamison@utah.gov)
US Magnesium Wastewater LagoonLagoon and Subsurface Barrier WallUGW450012
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Appendix D3
Appendix D4
Appendix D5
Appendix D6
Appendix D7
Appendix E
SOBJeff Kolmel (jkolmel@utah.gov)
Western Zirconium, Westinghouse Electric CompanyWastewater Pond and Subsurface Barrier WallUGW570002SOBWoody Campbell (wwcampbell@utah.gov)

Underground Injection Control Permits (Current)

PermitteePermitted Facility or OperationPermit No.Statement of BasisManager
ACES Delta Solution Mining, LLCClass III Solution MiningUTU-27-AP-718D759 SOBDan Hall
Advanced Clean Energy Storage I, LLC (ACES I)Class V Aquifer Storage & RecoveryUTU-27-AP-BDCCF0CSOB Dan Hall
Brigham City CorporationClass V Aquifer Storage & RecoveryUTU-03-AP-173E18B SOB Dusty Earley
Golden Spike National Historic SiteClass V IndustrialUTU-03-IP-8F54B7FSOBBrianna Ariotti
Intrepid PotashClass III Solution MiningUTU-19-AP-1C3C2E8SOBWoodrow Campbell
Jordan Valley Water Conservancy DistrictClass V Aquifer Storage & RecoveryUTU-35-AP-38871EBSOBDavid Jamison
Leamington TownClass V Aquifer Storage & RecoveryUTU-27-IP-88A335DSOBDusty Earley
NGL Supply Terminal Solution Mining, LLCClass III Solution MiningUTU-27-AP-9232389SOBDusty Earley
Provo CityClass V Aquifer Storage & RecoveryUTU-49-AP-4C52E67SOBPorter Henze
Oak CityClass V Aquifer Storage & RecoveryUTU-27-IP-4EDB3CDSOBDan Hall

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