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Publicly Owned Treatment Works Nutrient Removal Cost Impact Study: Nutrients in Utah’s Waters

The Utah Division of Water Quality conducted the 2009 Statewide Nutrient Removal Cost Impact Study to evaluate the economic impacts of potential new nutrient removal requirements for Utah’s publicly owned treatment works (POTWs). The study estimated economic, financial, and environmental impacts associated with a range of potential nutrient discharge standards for every discharging POTW in the State. The final project report, which presents the overall findings from the study, is available online (985 KB).

The 2009 Statewide Nutrient Removal Cost Impact Study report includes a series of Technical Memoranda (TMs). Each TM provides the study results for a specific Utah POTW. The results provided in the TMs include the process, treatment performance, economic, financial, and environmental analyses that were conducted for each of the 30 mechanical POTWs in Utah, the large discharging lagoon system in Logan, Utah and a generic 0.55 million gallon per day discharging lagoon, representative of 22 small discharging lagoons in the state. The TMs for each facility are available below.

Technical Memoranda for Utah Publicly Owner Treatment Works

Mechanical Treatment Plants

Lagoon Treatment Plants


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