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Utah Sewer Management Program (USMP)

The Utah Sewer Management Program is a Utah state program, not affiliated with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) or Utah Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (UPDES) programs, to encourage improved management of public sanitary sewer collection systems. The program was developed by a group of stakeholders from the regulated community and the Utah Division of Water Quality. The program is authorized under rule R317-801, “Utah Sewer Management Program, (SMP)”.

Permittees will be regulated under one general permit (GP) administrated by the Utah Division of Water Quality. To gain coverage under the GP entities must submit a signed Notice of Intent (NOI) to the Division of Water Quality (the address is shown on the NOI).

Copies of the general permit, fact sheet, and Statement of Basis (FSSOB) for the GP, Notice of Intent(NOI) to operate a sanitary sewer collection system (for collection system entities to gain coverage under the GP), and a link to the rule R317-801 may be accessed through the following links:

Sanitary Sewer Management Plan

SSMP Disclaimer

The model program is a tool for communities. Although procedures and methods for operation and maintenance (O&M) are mentioned in the program the procedures and methods are not inclusive of all technologies and/or technique that may be available to collections systems to utilize in cleaning, maintaining, inspecting or operating the collection system. The community must determine the best methods for O&M that meets the needs of the collection system and justify the implementation of the method, technology and timelines for O&M of the collection system in the SSMP that will be implemented by the community.

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