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Current Permits & Forms: UPDES Permitting Program

Individual Permits

UPDES Permit Application Forms

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Current Permits

System Name: Permit and Supporting Documents

General Permits

Coal Mining: UTG040000

  • General Permit for Coal Mining Operations: UTG040000 

Construction Dewatering or Hydrostatic Testing: UTG070000

Aquatic Animal Feeding Operations: UTG130000

  • General Permit –  Concentrated Aquatic Animal Feeding Operations: UTG130000 
  • General Permit – Concentrated Aquatic Animal Feeding Operations (CAAPF): Fact Sheet Statement of Basis 

Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s): UTR090000

Drinking Water Treatment Plants: UTG640000

Treated Ground Water: UTG790000

UPDES Storm Water General Permit for Construction Activities: UTRH00000, UTRC00000

General Multi-Sector Industrial Storm Water Permit: UPDES Permits

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