Science Panel Meetings:
Utah Lake Water Quality Study

The Science Panel is a disciplinary-based panel whose members have scientific expertise relevant to Utah Lake. The Panel identifies data gaps, provides recommendations to the Steering Committee, oversees research activities, and implements a process for independent peer review, among other responsibilities.

Next Meeting

December 10-11, 2019

Science Panel Meetin #6

Past Meetings


September 30, 2019

Science Panel Meeting #9

June 13, 2019

Science Panel Meeting #6

April 25, 2019

Science Panel Meeting #5

February 8, 2019

Science Panel Meeting #3


December 5, 2018

Science Panel Call #6

Ocober 31, 2018

Informational Call on Science Panel Operating Principles

This informational call with the Steering Committee and Science Panel discussed proposed changes to the Science Panel Operating Principles document to further clarify management of conflicts of interest.

Ocober 22, 2018

Science Panel Call #5