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Utah Lake Water Quality Study

The Utah Lake Water Quality Study Steering Committee is a 16-member committee representing a diverse group of stakeholders interested in protecting and improving water quality in Utah Lake through a collaborative, transparent, and consensus-based decision-making process. The Steering Committee was formed in 2016 by a stakeholder-led initiative to establish a formal process by which committee members can develop and implement scientifically-based policy decisions to improve water quality conditions. Specifically, the Steering Committee is charged with developing nutrient criteria for Utah Lake by enhancing existing stakeholder relationships, conducting a transparent public process, identifying water quality goals for the lake, and establishing and directing a Science Panel to oversee development of targeted scientific studies. The Utah Lake Water Quality Study Stakeholder Process document discusses this approach in detail.

The original expectation of the Steering Committee (SC), as defined in the Utah Lake Water Quality Stakeholder Process document, was to focus on guiding Phase 2. However, the SC has expressed an interest in participating in Phase 3 of the ULWQS and committed to an additional 2 years of service to accomplish that work.

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