Solid Waste
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Individuals and businesses may not dispose or incinerate solid waste except at facilities complying with Utah’s solid and hazardous waste rules. Non-hazardous solid waste generally consists of municipal trash and garbage; construction and demolition waste; waste from commercial establishments; and industrial waste. Solid waste disposal sites must obtain permits from the Executive Secretary of the Utah Solid and Hazardous Waste Control Board and are subject to inspection by the Division, local health departments and other government agencies.

Landfills and some other solid waste facilities are subject to location restrictions, design and operating criteria, ground water monitoring and corrective action requirements, closure and post-closure care requirements and financial assurance requirements. Commercial facilities may need to obtain gubernatorial and legislative approval and pay solid waste fees set by the Legislature, in addition to the solid waste permit requirements.

Does your facilty dispose or incinerate solid waste?

YES: Visit Permitting and Compliance.

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