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Submission of Electronic (Non-Confidential) Documents

The email address below can be used by regulated companies and individuals to submit documents to the Division in electronic form: dwmrcsubmit

Documents submitted by email MUST be addressed to Douglas J. Hansen, Director, Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control. Emails to and from this email address may be considered public records and thus subject to Utah GRAMA requirements.

This email address should not be used by RAM licensees for submission of any document for any reason. See below for reciprocity requests. If you have questions, please call Phil Goble at (385) 630-7733.

Additionally, this email address should not be used to submit documents that are required to have a wet signature such as financial assurance documents or for submission of documents that contain proprietary or confidential information. The Division cannot guarantee confidentiality of documents submitted via email.

Submission of Confidential Documents and Documents that Require a Wet Signature

These types of documents MUST be submitted using one of the following options:

US Mail
Douglas J. Hansen, Director
Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control
PO Box 144880
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4880

Hand Delivery
Multi Agency State Office Building
195 North 1950 West, DEQ Second Floor
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

Public Comments

Public comments on agency actions should be submitted using the email address: dwmrcpublic@utah.gov.

Reciprocity Requests

Reciprocity requests for RAM and X-ray should be submitted to: DWMRCReciprocity@utah.gov

Mailing Address

P.O. Box
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4880

Physical Address

Multi Agency State Office Building
195 North 1950 West, DEQ Second Floor
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

Organization Charts

Hansen, Doug
Division Director

Knudsen, Jalynn
Division Assistant Director

Norcross, Stevie
Division Assistant Director

Administrative Service

Christoffersen, Carlee
Administrative Service Manager

Financial Analyst

Westenskow, Alisa
Financial Analyst

Thaler, Brittney
Financial Analyst

Corrective Action

Walton, Paige
Corrective Action Manager

Baiden, Eric
Risk Assessor

Lauchnor, Brad
Env. Engineer

Olsen, Jasin
Env. Scientist

Urban, Dale
Env. Scientist/Geologist

Vandel, Jeff
Env. Scientist/Geologist

Wallner, Karen
Env. Scientist

Zhu, Hao
Env. Engineer

Hazardous Waste and Used Oil

Ng, Deborah
Hazardous Waste Manager

Boyer, Rachel
Env. Scientist

Calcagno, Leo
Env. Scientist

Greenwell, Erika
Env. Scientist

Jorgensen, Craig
Env. Scientist

Kaiser, Sally
Env. Engineer

Lundeen, Kari
Env. Scientist

Marinick, Gabby
Env. Scientist

Moran, Judy
Env. Scientist

Swenson, Boyd
Env. Engineer

Wheeler, David
Env. Scientist

Wingate, Adam
Env. Engineer

Low Level Radioactive Waste

Willoughby, Otis
Low Level Radioactive Waste Manager

Anderson, Bailey
Env. Scientist

Bishop, Charles
Env. Scientist/Hydrogeologist

Carney, Kevin
Env. Scientist

Davis, Brandon
Env. Scientist

Esser, David

Fausto, Gage
Env. Scientist/Transporation Specialist

Hegburg, Tyler
Env. Scientist

Kellum, Larry
Env. Scientist/Health Physicist

Romano, Carlo
Env. Engineer

Office Support

Lovato, Arlene
Office Support Manager

Askee, Wendy
Office Specialist

Martinez, Peter
Office Tech

Nielson, Alek
Office Tech

Stringham, Alyssa

Office Tech

  • Section: Office Support
  • Phone:

Planning and Tech Support

Ball, Tom
Planning and Tech Support Manager

Abbott, Ryan
Env. Scientist/X-ray

Gaschler, Brent
Env. Engineer/Financial Assurance

Mecham, Lisa
Env. Scientist/X-ray

McNeill, Kaci
Env. Scientist

Rodriguez, Gerardo
Data Systems Administrator/Analyst

Thomas, Krystal
Env. Scientist/X-ray

Solid Waste

Speer, Brian
Solid Waste Manager

Hess, Wade
Env. Scientist

Milne, Alexandra
Env. Scientist

Shaw, Kelly
Env. Scientist

Sullivan, Matt
Env. Scientist

Watt, Bryan
Env. Scientist

Woolf, Bryan
Env. Scientist/Waste Tires


Divver, Eleanor
Radon Program Coordinator

Uranium Mills and Radioactive Materials

Goble, Phil
Uranium Mills and Radioactive Materials Manager

  • Section: Uranium Mills and Radioactive Materials (Umills/Ram)
  • Phone: (385) 630-7733

Butler, Tim
Env. Scientist/Health Physicist

Galloway, Gwyn
Env. Scientist/Health Physicist

Griffin, Phil
Env. Scientist/Health Physicist

Henderson, Dean
Env. Scientist/Hydrogeologist

Johnson, Ryan
Env. Scientist/Health Physicist

Leahy, Christopher
Env. Scientist/Hydrogeologist

Mickelson, Heather
Env. Engineer

Wickham, Spencer
Env. Scientist

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