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The Low Level Radioactive Waste Program oversees the activities at the EnergySolutions facility. EnergySolutions is a Utah-based company that operates a commercial treatment, storage and disposal facility five miles south of the Clive exit on Interstate 80 in Tooele County and approximately 80 miles west of Salt Lake City. The facility itself is about one square mile in size and is located in a remote desert area, approximately 20 miles from the nearest residence. The depth to groundwater averages about 30 feet.

EnergySolutions is licensed to handle several classifications of radioactive material and waste:

The EnergySolutions facility has two radioactive material licenses issued by the Utah Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control (DWMRC):

The EnergySolutions facility has two permits, one issued by the DWMRC and one issued by the Division of Water Quality and overseen by the DWMRC.

Compliance History

About Radiation

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Northwest Interstate Compact

Utah is a member of the Northwest Interstate Compact. The Compact is a cooperative effort of eight states to protect people and the environment, and maintain and enhance economic viability, while sharing the responsibilities of low-level radioactive waste management. The NWIC was created in 1981 with member states Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. The NWIC was ratified by Congress in 1985. Wyoming was the eighth state to join the compact in March of 1992.

Earl Fordham (earl.fordham@doh.wa.gov), Compact Chair and Executive Director
Office of Radiation Protection
Washington State Department of Health
309 Bradley Boulevard, Suite 201
Richland, WA 99352
(509) 946-0234

2021 Public Notices

EnergySolutions: Amendment 3 of 11e.(2) License UT2300478

EnergySolutions: Treatment Variance Request

EnergySolutions: Proposed Stipulation and Consent Order

EnergySolutions Mixed Waste Facility Treatment Variance Request

2020 Public Notices

EnergySolutions LLC: Treatment Variance Request for Wastes Containing PCBs

2019 Public Notices

EnergySolutions LLC: Amendment 25 to Radioactive Material License No. UT 2300249

EnergySolutions LLC, Mixed Waste Facility: Treatment Variance Request


Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control, Low Level Radioactive Waste Section